“I thought you were leaving next year?”

Hey everyone, I think I freaked a few people out. Sorry. I can be impulsive sometimes! This post is about 2 weeks late. We have not left on our open-ended trip yet. I decided about 5 weeks ago I better take a practice run with the kids.

I am calling it a nibble.

Bali was an obvious choice – affordable, close enough for it to be sensible, yet far enough to be a challenge.

So, I booked in our flights and was offered a job the next day! Funny how life works. Luckily I can and am, doing both. It is the perfect job, a few hours a day, flexible and fulfilling. More importantly, it has given me a real sense of self-worth. It is easy to lose your identity when you become a parent.

How was the flight? It was actually okay!

How is it going? Stay tunned!




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