Family Bites Travel – who am I?

Who are we again?

I am Alana. I am ‘mum’ and sick of just being ‘mum’. I am a multi-faceted human but with the monotonous daily-grind, have somehow morphed in a 1-dimensional manifestation of my former self.


As such, I have decided to travel again. I won’t let having young kids get in the way of this quest. They might have other plans! To further complicate our situations ‘dad’ must stay in Australia to focus on study. Dad, or Matt, as I like to call him is a workaholic. Even if he didn’t want to be, he must be. He cares about his work, it is important work and now, he is studying. He is a great dad and husband but it is hard to try to balance everything. So I guess you could say this is an interlude to our family as a unit.

So, our kids. We have 3 boys. Rocket* is our eldest and nearly 8, he is so helpful, sometimes too helpful – trying to be the parent. He loves nothing more than playing a computer game. He whines more than humanly possible. Rocket is a beautiful son and tells me he loves me many times a day. He refuses to eat anything other than carbs. I am not sure where he got that from….

Our middle son is Bergen*, he is 2 & 3/4quarters, and has the biggest smile. He is pretty much ‘cheeky’ personified. He has also decided tantrums are awesome, or terrible, or something. Anyway, he is currently having about 100 a day. I wish I was exaggerating – I am not! He loves ‘huggies’, but also recently also loves giving ‘bities’. He loves experience extremes; he loves ice, chilis, lemon or getting scared, he does literally everything in fast forward. Recently he has also decided he will only eat carbs.

Our youngest son, is our little-big baby T’wan*. He is a goer, trying to walk already at only 8 months. He refuses to sleep very long. He loves watching his brothers and is desparate to join in. He is  not impressed when he is subjected to Bergen-induced-pain. He eats more than both this older brothers combined. He is a happy little fella and loves kisses.

** Not their real names. This is my blog and want to give the kids a level of anonymity. So, if you know their names in the real world please hush your pie holes, or I will have to silence you. Not really, just shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

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